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HC2 srl

Our high-tech revolving doors provide better control and safety of people on the move.

Control & Security Profile - HC2 srl

For the Control & Security section of Mechanica® time "spins" quickly, yes because since 2014 it is part of the brand but it has already moved too quickly in the design and installation of automatic revolving and interlocked doors that are advanced from a technologic and aesthetic point of view. In a short time it has developed patented products that have elevated the standard of safety, efficiency and aesthetics of the control of flows of people. Thanks to decades of experience and to the strong innovative spirit of its team, today it can boast international references, such as for installations in banks, ministries, headquarters, jails, airports or public and private buildings. These products are specific for sites that require particular attention to safety and reliability (operation guaranteed even in the absence of electricity) also of a special control over the flow of people (from the metal detector up to identity recognition). Affiliation with the brand Mechanica® guarantees greater reliability for synergy with other parts of the Group and for the "brain factory" always ready to provide new solutions in terms of problem solving.


HC2 srl
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