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A suitcase or a package always contain something important, with us they run fast and safely to their destination.

Airport & Parcels Profile - Mechanica Sistemi srl

Ensuring reliability and efficiency in baggage handling or managing large flows of packages is a top priority for this type of structures. Mechanica® Airport & Parcels specifically responds to these needs presenting itself as a unique and highly specialised partner. The internal organisation that has been refined over the years, capable of tailoring solutions for both small businesses and for highly complex logistics systems, is the basis of our success. The handling of luggage and parcels continuously needs improvement in the performance and reliability of systems to meet the exponential increase in requests in recent years. Dedicated designed software and patented machinery have been developed that revolutionise the current design standards of systems by increasing the level of quality and control to ensure continuity of service, performance and efficiency. Affiliation with the brand Mechanica® guarantees greater reliability for synergy with other parts of the Group and for the "brain factory" always ready to provide new solutions in terms of problem solving.


Mechanica Sistemi srl
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